The Winter Denim

This season let’s change our Wardrobe with Denims for a change. We have always looked up to change our wardrobe in winter with classy Jackets, Sweat-Shirts, Hoodies, etc   but have never thought of changing our old Denims. Why we have never been so concerned about the best apparel of our Wardrobe which always stand by us on any occasion or on any outfits. As a denim lover, I always feel sad about it.


Don’t you think Denims also need a change this season?

I would like to highlight you some ways to stay warm while wearing your favorite Denims

The Flannel Lined Jeans

  • The most common cold-weather improvement on basic denim jeans is the addition of a lining.
  • Flannel lined jeans are a classic (usually with a rustic plaid lining), and some companies use synthetic fleece materials like polar fleece or Sherpa lining underneath denim as well. Flannel-lined and other lined jeans do best on calm, sunny days or in cold but protected situations — working in a garage or shop that’s frequently open to the cold but doesn’t get a lot of snow or wind blowing through, for example. Unfortunately, for men who like to dress their denim up a little, I have bad news. I’ve never seen a “stylish” pair of flannel lined jeans. Most are straight-legged and cut fairly wide, with high rises and no tapering. They may be warm, but they’re not exactly flattering. So try and search for Custom Made Jeans-Wear and get your work done with customisation as per your wish.


Buy Heavier Denim Weight

  • An alternative for men who want more warmth but also want to keep things stylish is to go with a heavier weight of denim instead.
  • Bolts of denim cloth are measured in ounces of weight per yard. Most big-brand retailers don’t post a weight, but the “average” among basic blue jeans for men tends to be somewhere between 12 and 16 ounces.
  • The heavier the denim is, the thicker and stiffer the fabric is. That doesn’t just add insulation; it also adds water resistance. Cotton still isn’t a great material for wet conditions, but heavier denim will hold snow off for at least a little longer.
  • Look around for raw denim and independent manufacturers; those are often your best bet for finding jeans that have a stylish, shaped cut and a fabric weight in the high teens or even the low twenties.
  • Here is a site I found who make custom made denim you might feel to give a try


Wear Jeans as an Inner Layer

  • Another option (and a good one for men who have to travel a lot in Winter but then wants to look good when they get where they’re going) is to throw a weatherproof outer layer on top of the jeans, and then take it off along with your coat.
  • You can also use basic rain pants without insulation as a way to waterproof your jeans for the duration of a walk outside in the winter.


I have shared my thoughts on Denims for this Winter-fall and now it’s your turn to choose!

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